Still A Mum Launches the Still A Mum Awards

Still A Mum Awards

Still A Mum is proud to present for the very first time the Still A Mum Awards. As part of their work in improving the support systems available to parents in Kenya, Still A Mum has launched the awards to provide an opportunity to recognize and appreciate both people and organizations that are doing a fantastic job in making a difference in the lives of parents across the country.

As from 18th July members of the public have been able to nominate across 18 categories individuals and brands who they think deserve to be honoured. Categories to honour organizations include Best Maternity Insurance Cover, Best Diaper Brand, and Best Family Friendly Company. Categories to honour individuals include the Inspirational Mom Award, the Paediatrician Hero Award, and the Midwife Hero Award. The nomination period will run until 8th August.

A jury will evaluate the nominations from 9th August to 31st August to decide on 5 nominees in each category who will then be in the running to win an award. The ballot box will be opened on 3rd September for online voting by the public and will close on 5th October. The winners will be awarded at a gala event on 13th October.

Nominees can be nominated for more than one category and individuals can nominate themselves. The individuals nominated must be Kenyan citizens while company nominees can be international brands that have products as well as a physical presence in Kenya. You will be able to vote only once in each category.

On this website you can find more information on the different categories, the rules, and Frequently Asked Questions. Join us as we celebrate the remarkable people in our lives—start nominating now!

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