The Still A Mum Awards 2018 rules are as follows:

  1. To participate in the contest a nominee needs to be submitted into the competition during the submission period. A nominee need only be submitted ONCE. The number of times a nominee is submitted to the contest does not influence their chances of advancing to the next round or their chances of winning.
  2. A nominee can be nominated for more than one category
  3. An individual can nominate themselves.
  4. Nominees should be submitted to the category that they fit in. Any nominee that does not suit the category they were submitted in may be removed from the competition or placed in another category without consultation.
  5. Employees of a company/health facility can nominate their company.
  6. Any submission or vote made outside of the allocated time frames will be discarded.
  7. Nominees for individual categories have to be Kenyan citizens. Company nominees can be international brands with a product in Kenya but have to have a physical presence in Kenya.
  8. After nomination a jury will pick the top 5 per category and these will be voted for by the public.
  9. You may be asked to support or verify the evidence you supply as part of the nominations you make.
  10. The judges’ decision is final.
  11. The voting phase begins when the judges name the nominees in each of the contest’s categories.
  12. Voting is allowed only once per category. Nominees may vote for themselves.
  13. Voting results will decide the winners in all categories.