Pediatrician Hero Award

Pediatrician Hero Award – recognizes a paediatrician who has provided exceptional care, professionalism and compassion during pregnancy and/or delivery.


  1. Syama Sinuff – Aga Khan University Hospital
  2. Dr. Faridah – Pediatric Clinic- the hub Karen
  3. Dr. Florence Murila – Anderson Clinic,Nairobi hospital 4th floor.
  4. Dr. Brian Maugo – UpperHill Medical Center – 1st Floor
Syama Sinuff - AgakhanThis is personal, but God bless her she is still on the line of duty bubbly. She has been unwell I just feel like have known her forever my son was born had jaundice being a first time mum she really encouraged me ,later on my son had a heart murmur ,Syama never failed to encourage me ...I bless n thank God for the healing of my baby am just asking for nothing but prayers for Syama healing this really bring tears in my eyes but I still believe in God...She really owe the world her awesomeness n kindness that she shows to this kids while taking care of them, God please remember Doc Syam
Dr. Faridah - Pediatric Clinic- the hub Karen
She has a way of making sure that the baby is calm, her clinic is clean and she does personal follow up on how her little patients are doing. I loved that she doesn’t order blood tests like many other places just to know if it’s an infection. Because we all know babies hate needles.
Dr. Florence Murila Anderson -Clinic,Nairobi hospital 4th floor.
She has a heart for children. She has dedicated all her life to the service of children. She is committed to ensuring that children get the best care and receives the best vaccines. She is a mother to many of our children. She even holds breastfeeding sessions to mothers on how to breastfeed and take care of the young ones.
Dr. Brian Maugo - UpperHill Medical Center - 1st Floor
Dr. Maugo is amazing as he is passionate and concerned with baby's well-being more so preemie babies. He also takes time to check on the wellness of the parent (both mum and dad) despite being a paediatrician and only specialized to deal with babies.