Mum’s Voice Award

Mum’s Voice Award  – Celebrates a mum who has spoken out about her own pregnancy experience and given hope to others.


  1. Nelius Mukami Rwamba
  2. Aisha Wanjiku
  3. Vivian Gaiko
  4. Regina Wabuko
Nelius MukamiNelius Mukami has gone through so much as a mother. Having lost two of her triplets and after being in hospital for over two months, she didn't give up. Her children were born at only 28 weeks weighing only 1kg each. Faces with child loss and the challenge of an underweight and premature baby, she went through depression and overcame it. Having gone through so much, she decided to be a voice for mothers like herself. She then started an initiative to support mothers who have experienced child loss in order to offer support and counsel. She has since been able to reach out many of them either individually or in groups. She has also been running a blog where she shares on her experiences and thus has received overwhelmlng positive feedback. She has also been hosted on TV such as Victoria's lounge to share on her experiences. She has also been covered on newspapers and magazines such as parents on the same issues. She has since become an authentic voice for premie mum's and those with multiples. She was one of the organisers of the recent breastfeeding campaign that sought justice for a mother who had been turned away from a restaurant as a result of breastfeeding. The campaign also sought to create awareness on the need for leeches in places of work for lactating mothers. I therefore nominate her for being an authentic Moms voice
Aisha WanjikuI shared about my story as a young parent and struggles I went through during my pregnancy, my depression moment during pregnancy and my struggle after birth having gone through C-section on the biggest platform in Mombasa during the TEDXYOUTHAKAMOMBASA event at Aga Khan Academy. Video Link:
Vivian GaikoVivian has shared her personal story of motherhood on many platforms and has inspired hope to many and is breaking the silence on this subject. She is the founder of Empower Mama organization which supports parents who have lost their children and also create awareness in the community on how to effectively support bereaved parents.
Regina Wabuko
She's been an inspiration to others online and offline providing information regarding pregnancy and childbirth. She has also been able to offer encouragement to other soon to be mothers in the course of their pregnancy.