Midwife hero award

Doting dad award– recognizes a midwife who has provided exceptional care, professionalism and compassion during pregnancy and/or delivery.


  1. Gabriel Macharia – Kijabe Hospital
  2. Lucy Muchiri – Eve’s Mama Birth Center
  3. Nerea Ojanga – Kenyatta National Hospital
  4. Dorcas Odhiambo – Lanterna Home Health Care
  5. Dr. Allyson Smith – Kijabe Hospital
Gabriel Macharia - Kijabe HospitalGabriel has so much compassion for his patients. He follows up with them on his own time and he even makes home visits to check on some patients! He is excellent in his care of bereaved families. He fosters camaraderie among patients, especially those who have similar circumstances. He strives to improve his medical skills and spends many of his off days studying in the library to be able to give even better care. He’s also a great mentor to new nursing students.
Lucy Muchiri - Eve's Mama Birth Center
She has taken her time to prepare esp. first time moms on matters about and birth and often offered her time to just talk through the process with moms. She is amazing
Nerea Ojanga - Kenyatta National Hospital
She is engaging and lovely. She helped me realize that the mind is a powerful tool in facilitating the birth process. She is also knowledgeable and great at easing one's fears.
Dorcas Odhiambo - Lanterna Home Health CareThis woman is outstanding in all ways. I remember first meeting her when I was admitted with preterm labour at Karen Hospital her former work place. I fear needles and they had to prick me quite a bit to get in the drugs to stop the labour. She was called to calm me down and inject me henceforth. She did it with such calmness and soothing kindness. That baby did not live. Soon after I moved into a new community and found her there. My third pregnancy was as dramatic and she took care of me in bed. Injected me weekly, came over daily to check on baby heartrate when the going got worse. And when my baby was born I remember a day she was choking. I literally ran out of my house barefeet and budged into her home, dragged her back to my house and pushed her towards my gasping child. My daughter lived, thanks to her.
Dr. Allyson Smith - Kijabe Mission Hospital. Kijabe Kenya• She uses her personal story of child loss to inspire women in Kijabe Hospital.
• She treated my dead body like a real human being. She wrapped him so well and she cried with me. She has a big heart.
• Handles mama with caution and skillfully.
• She handles patients as her own blood.
• Allyson is a committed professional who would go to heights unimagined to avail the much-needed help for those under her watch.
• When my best friend experienced the 2ND loss of her child, they were sensitive and humane in the way they handled her and the baby, which was not the case with the previous hospital when she lost her 1St child. They made the mourning process a bit easier.
• Have heard of them from my friend Ann who went there in March. She had complication. and having lost her first born in another complication, she was stressed. The midwife encouraged her. Too sad she lost her Son, Gift within hours. Good thing, the midwife dressed the son- Gift and gave Ann and Husband time to mourn their baby Gift. She was supportive throughout the journey.
• Allyson has given me emotional support, I had a high risk pregnancy went to Kijabe, she read my file n immediately called a Doc. They attended to me in a professional way but unfortunately I lost my baby. She brought my baby wrapped so well, the baby was really small but she dressed him n he really smelt nice, she cried with me n she put me in a support group.
• Dr. Allyson was always there to comfort me when I lost my baby at 34weeks.
• I nominate her coz she is emphatic to her clients. She is friendly n handles each one according to her needs. She is just the best.