Best Maternity Insurance Cover

  1. Best maternity insurance cover – celebrates a maternity insurance cover that provides reasonable benefits given the premium, pays in a timely manner, company has good customer service.


  1. Jubilee
  2. Resolution Health
  3. NHIF -Linda Mama
  4. AAR
  5. UAP
JubileeReimbursed me when I delivered in a facility they were not covering.
They are super.... Recognize the customer is the king
Their insurance cost is favorable and they cover delivery services, even baby friendly vaccines without any issue.
Resolution HealthTheir coverage network and cost of insurance is affordable to most people paying their cover individually and they offer the best corporate packages as well. Your infant is also covered from 38 weeks although we did have them waiving this for a pre-term baby born at 36 weeks for one of our employees.
I have been admitted 3times without premium loading. Their package is wide from 50k to 200k you can plan early, I am a happy customer plus 100k for things like Jondice etc.
I've never had a problem with their cover and service.
Their authorizations are seamless.
NHIFEasy and affordable
I nominate NHIF because Linda Mama offers services countrywide to all women at no fee. It is an initiative of the Government and it offers free delivery services for both normal and cesarean section. In addition an expectant ant mother can attend 4 Antenatal services and 4 postnatal services at no fee. It also covers complications during pregnancy that lead to admission at no cost. This services are offered in all public facilities countrywide and a selection of private and faith based facilities. An expectantant woman registers from her phone using short code *263# then visits a hospital that offers this services for confirmation of pregnancy.
I am nominating NHIF because their maternity cover covers everything. I never paid a single coin and wife delivered via cs.
I'm nominating NHIF because it is a government insurance that supports each mwananchi even a lower earner.
AARTheir maternity cover, covers all delivery charges. The payments are done on time too.
They paid my maternity bill and paid part of my newborn NICU bill and compassionate/condolence package on the newborn demise and all on time.
UAPI used this cover and it was very extensive the whole time I was pregnant. All my tests and gyna visits were covered. The maternity cover is 300 000 shillings with Tullow oil company.
It covers everything. The hospital bed is covered by NHIF but every other procedure is covered here. Very extensive. Even gynae visits