Little Champion Award

  1. Little Champion Award – recognizes the tremendous courage and determination shown by a child born prematurely who has fought and triumphed against all odds.


  1. Baby Brett
  2. Leon Joseph Chomba
  3. Njiru Maigua Mwaura
Baby BrettBaby Brett was born at 29weeks and recently turned one. Being raised by a single mum and being a high needs baby just shows the will to live. This boy literally fought for his life. He gets infections here and there sometimes with high fever and even inflammation but always gets past it. A link to one of Brett's mum post
Leon Joseph ChombaBorn prematurely at 36 weeks and barely barely 2kgs Leon is really a little champion. The little lion as we fondly call him fought hard enough to escape the NICU. At only 4 months, Leon had to fly across continents as his family had to relocate back to Kenya from the US. The little guy took it all in stride, not even the frequent flus and colds from the change in climate seemed to dim his spirit. Fast forward, Leon recently underwent a minor surgery to close up a hernia and rectify a genital condition and he is still the happiest little guy I know. He has truly demonstrated to us the true meaning of courage.
Njiru Maigua Born at 28 weeks, Njiru who is a surviving triplet has shown immense strength and great will power to live. His survival was a miracle. He spent 10 weeks in the neonatal ICU where he was a breath of fresh air to the nurses and his doctors. He survived Pneumonia at the tender age of 5 weeks old. Njiru continues to be the brightest star always active and working to achieve his milestones. Though he is still tiny in frame and a bit underweight for his age, he has always managed to be ahead; Learning how to climb stairs before he even learnt how to walk. His milestones have been slow but that does not pull him down. Njiru continues to be an inspiration to many people especially preemie mums. He has shown that the greatest gifts come in the smallest packages.