Infant First Aid Session by Bloodlink Foundation during the Pregnancy and Infant Health Conference

Bloodlink Foundation will be conducting an infant first aid session during the Pregnancy and Infant Health Conference. The session will be part of the activities slotted for the second day of the conference—the Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby event on Saturday 13th October.

Bloodlink Foundation is a non-profit charitable trust that seeks to assist Kenyans to achieve better health and quality life through partnerships with communities as well as the corporate and public sectors. The organization partners with the National Blood Transfusion Service to recruit and mobilize blood donors to ensure sufficient safe blood for needy Kenyans.

As part of its efforts to achieve its mission Bloodlink Foundation has a School of First Aid and Safety Services through which it offers First Aid training programmes which equip people with the skills to deal with the unforeseen circumstances that come with health and safety risks. They also run blood donation programmes and fundraising activities.

Infant First Aid is administered when a baby is experiencing a medical crisis and helps keep the baby alive.  In the event of such a crisis, it is important to provide care and seek help as quickly as possible; there may be no time to rush to the hospital or call for help.  A baby’s body is still forming and therefore is more delicate than an adult’s, meaning that administering First Aid to a baby is different from administering it to an adult.

For these reasons, it is essential for parents to have information about infant First Aid. The session on this topic, conducted by Bloodlink Foundation, will be useful for parents with babies as it will help them provide better care to their children and be prepared in the event of a medical crisis.

2 thoughts on “Infant First Aid Session by Bloodlink Foundation during the Pregnancy and Infant Health Conference”

  1. Jacqueline Ambogo says:

    Is it free or is there amount to be paid

    1. stillamum says:

      The event is 500 bob per person. Lunch will be provided

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