Gynecologist Hero Award

Gynecologist Hero Award – recognizes a gynecologist who has provided exceptional care, professionalism and compassion during pregnancy and/or delivery.


  1. Dr. Mukaindo – Aga Khan University Hospital
  2. Dr. Barcley Onyambu – Ankh clinic, NHIF Building 2nd floor
  3. Dr. Sammy Kulova – Clover Medical
  4. Dr. Alex Bosire – Velvet Health & Nairobi Hospital
  5. Dr. Jane Wakahe – Nyeri Provincial General Hospital
  6. Dr. Angela Muliro Chekoko – Private clinic
  7. Dr. Edgar Gulavi – Agakhan Hospital / Kijabe Hospital
  8. Dr. Sikolia Wanyonyi – Aga Khan University Hospital
  9. Dr. Chen – Kijabe Hospital
Dr. Mukaindo – Aga Khan University HospitalDuring my second pregnancy I had severe depression and though not trained, he offered to listen to my pain and I honestly looked forward to my appointment because I knew he would listen. God bless him
Dr. Barcley Onyambu - Ankh clinic,Nhif building second floor
His professionalism is exception. He is very patient and gentle with his patient even during delivery. He is an amazing doctor.
Dr. Sammy Kulova -
Clover Medical
Dr. Kulova is passionate about mums whole wellness from mental health wellness to reproductive health wellness. He also takes time to educate his patients.
Dr. Alex Bosire - Velvet Health/ Nairobi Hospital, Nairobi
Dr. Bosire has been my doctor since 2015 and has seen me through two pregnancies. The first one in 2016 sadly ended at 22 weeks. We found out the baby had no heartbeat during a scan in his office. He was empathetic and despite having a full waiting room, allowed my husband and I to have all the time we needed. He facilitated the labor and delivery. He then walked with us during the 2nd pregnancy with my rainbow baby. He put measures in place to avoid another loss, he was available on phone to us day and night. He was there for most of my labor which was many hours and finally for the delivery. He is so caring and empathetic and passionate about his job. He is truly the hero we needed.
Dr. Jane WakaheDr. Wakahe does not rush her clients. Every time I go her clinic, I hear her laughing with a client. It helps for a woman to know that her gynae will take time to listen to them: their questions, their fears without being rushed.
Dr. Angela Muliro Chekoko - Private DoctorI could write a book about this woman who is both my doctor and my friend. I met her 10 years ago and counting. She has been with me through two miscarriages, a myomectomy and three living children. She has stood with me when all hope of ever getting a living child were lost. She is a woman of faith and prayer. Very professional and very humane. I remember back in the day when I really needed loads of Medicare and could not afford it she treated me without pay. She told me not to worry one day the tides would turn and I will pay her, they did and I paid her. I owe her so much gratitude for her kindness.
Edgar Gulavi - Agakhan Hospital / Kijabe Hospital• Dr. Gulavi came in handy connecting us with other specialists, and together with his wife they even paid quite some amount for my MRI. Dr. Gulavi prayed with us every visit at the hospital. Gulavi and His Wife really deserve this award. May God bless them. They have sacrificially supported many people. Even after losing our boy they kept in touch and prayed with us.
• When I first met Dr.Edgar Gulavi several years back, then an undergraduate medical student at the UON Medical School, I knew he would make a great doctor. At the time I didn't know he would eventually be a gynecologist. Fast Forward, Edgar is committed to his patients. He always has this insatiable desire to make a difference in the lives of those he meets including those not under his direct Care. Edgar is selfless and professional. He is humane, and will always go an extra mile if not two to offer help to one in need. On this account, I nominate him for the Gynecologist hero Award. He deserves it.
• Helped my friend who had lost a child prayed with her supported her all thru.
• He goes beyond his call of duty with every client and is sensitive and understands patients' distress. He executes his duties with so much excellent and enthusiasm
Dr. Sikolia WanyonyiI fainted and found myself at Aga Khan Hospital. After diagnosis, I was informed that I had an ectopic pregnancy. This was my second pregnancy with no baby. He performed the procedure late at night and kept checking and advising me on my well-being. He gave me hope. I year down the line, I have the most amazing son. I thank God for Dr. Sikolia
Dr Chen - AIC Kijabe hospital in KijabeDr Chen came immediately when she was called. She attended to me in a professional way, I was scared because I was to have an emergency cs, and she told me not to worry. She went out of her way to take photos of my baby n showed me when I woke up after the surgery. Unfortunately baby died two days later. She also cried with me. She went a step further to find out the problem n way forward to deal with it when I get pregnant again. She told me it was not going to be easy n we will work together closely. prays first for God to give her wisdom before attending to you.