Doting Dad Award

Doting dad award– recognizes a dad who has gone above and beyond to care and look after his child/children and family during a difficult pregnancy or birth.


  1. Job Abok
  2. Nicholas Lugendo
  3. Kimathi Kamencu
  4. Jakim Omanje
  5. James Wachira Njiru
  6. David Kimathi Nkufu
  7. Dickens Amugune
  8. Kenn Njoroge
Job AbokHis first son passed on in his arms as he was rushing him to hospital. The wife was at the hospital having delivered the second born that same morning. So he celebrated one child in the nursery and another at the mortuary. This could have been crushing to any man but he has been a doting father to the second and third. He is being the best he can be to his family even after such a tragic loss.
Nicholas LugendoMy husband, the father of my children, who we have not had the honour of raising because they passed away has stood by me throughout the losses and the pain of loss. I am currently expecting our rainbow baby and he has set aside his work to take care of me. He cooks, he helps me eat when I have no appetite. When I am anxious because of fear of repeat occurrence he holds me and talks me into thinking positive, gets my mind right. He has taken me into his care without a second thought and I appreciate him deeply for it. He is my strength and anchor in this time.
Kimathi KamencuWhen our first baby Ethan was born, I was a little afraid of bathing him. I had never held a baby that small. But Kimathi, who had also never held a baby that small, took up bathing duty every single day for a whole month! Absolutely awesome! Later, when our second baby, Abby, was born, she had colic and reflux for the first two or three months. We couldn't put her down to sleep as she would only sleep when being held up. This meant that I would not actually sleep for long hours. To relieve me, Kimathi created a shift system where he'd take Abby, strap her onto the carrier on this chest and sit down and work with her from 10pm to 2am (to give me 4 straight hours of sleep). And this was every night - even after having woken up early, prepared and dropped Ethan at school, worked all day, picked Ethan from school and helped with his evening routine! He takes both babies everywhere he can - supermarket, office, football, bank everywhere he can. He is truly deserving of this award!
Jakim OmanjeI am nominating my ex-boyfriend because despite not being the biological father to my 5-year-old daughter, he has been there for her from the time I was 7 months pregnant and he still is the best dad I could ever want for my child. We both work in Nairobi, and my daughter lives in Eldoret with my parents. For the past 5 years he has travelled to Eldoret every week to see her, has never missed any big day in her life. He helped me through post-natal depression, my child has never lacked anything in her life thanks to him. Even after our relationship ended a year ago his love for my child never changed. He deserves to be appreciated.
James Wachira NjiruThere was a time when I was pregnant. We also had a son who was 15 years old at the time. My pregnancy was delicate and I had to be put on bedrest. My husband had to take care of our 15year old son who has cerebral palsy – he would change his diapers, feed and bathe him. We did not have a house help and so he did everything. I really appreciate him.
David Kimathi NkufuHe is father to late Victor Munene and Jayson Nkuru. When Victor was born he had difficulty in breathing and needed emergency medical treatment. They traveled to Nairobi from Meru, and that when a story of 101 days began. He became a doctor from the much information he was introduced to at NICU (Newborn ICU). Everyday Victor became sicker. Today would be this tomorrow that but he still held on. Sometime he was approached to turn the ventilator off to allow Victor TO die but he still held on hope. With the many compilations Victor rested. He left a huge hospital bill. David had to do a funds drive thank God he managed with the second one to raise over 5m. Soon after they started looking for another child, little did they know that it would be delayed. Secondary infertility was there. Several years later they managed to get another kid, Jayson Nkuru, he is one year old.
Dickens AmuguneHe has been my rock. He is really supportive emotionally. 10yrs in marriage with seven angel babies and no living child. He has been with me through the seven high risk pregnancies, he attends antenatal n postnatal clinics with me, does home chores when am put on bed rest. He is still by my side.
Kenn Njoroge2 days after our daughter was born, we were informed that she needed a major surgery. That was earth- shattering news for us- we did not know where to begin. Throughout that trying period, my husband Kenn was a pillar for us. He spoke courage into me when I was sure the fear would consume me. Our daughter had the surgery and throughout her recovery, Kenn was a strong partner in attending to her- he took the morning shift every day so I could get a few hours of rest. His love and tender care towards us was all the support baby and I needed to get through that difficult time. I salute him as a responsible, caring and very present father to our now 1 year old.