Courage Award

Courage Award  – celebrates a couple or individual who have faced adversity on their road to parenthood but have shown great strength and resilience


  1. Nelius Mukami Rwamba
  2. Celestine Espira
  3. Sarah Njoroge
  4. Violet Omutekete
Nelius Mukami RwambaWhen I hear of a strong lady, I think of Nelius. She showed so much courage when she was going through a hard time in her life. She had just delivered triplets prematurely. The doctors were not giving positive responses on the survival of the babies. Sadly, two of the babies passed on. She has raised their remaining triplet with courage. Though I have never told her she has taught me a lot and this is why I nominate this courageous woman.
Celestine EspiraCelestine has shown great strength and resilience on her parenthood journey. She got a baby young, a pre-term baby, she's a single mum, and she battled/is on journey to recovery after post-partum depression. She has had the courage to share all this with the public to inspire hope and is helping teen mums, young mums and single mums.
Sarah Njoroge
They have been childless for the last almost 9 years now. That has not stopped them from impacting lives and community. As founders of Runda Youth Sports Association (RYSA) they have made a commitment to give back to the children of the slums around Runda Estate
Violet Omutekete
Violet was a working mother of two who had decided to go back to school to further her education. In her final year of college, she discovered she was pregnant with her third child. She was so disappointed because this was unplanned. I encouraged her to keep the baby which she did. She juggled work, school, pregnancy and being a wife and a mother. at some point , I think the pressure was too much and on the week she expected to deliver, she started bleeding profusely. She was rushed to hospital and on examining her she was immediately rushed to theatre. A CS was done and the baby was delivered but violet remained unconscious even after the operation. We were worried, we prayed and cried but nothing changed until after 48 hours. Baby Elvin was without breastfeeding for two days after birth and he waited till his mother came to so that he could was tough, but we thank God that mother and son came out safe