Best maternity hospital

  1. Best maternity hospital – celebrates a hospital that provides excellent maternal and new-born care, good facilities and great customer experience


  1. Aga Khan Hospital
  2. Nairobi Hospital
  3. Coptic Hospital
  4. Kijabe Hospital
  5. DIWOPA Hospital
  6. MP Shah
  7. Nairobi Womens – Nakuru Branch
  8. St Teresa’s Kikuyu
  9. Mater Hospital
  10. Eldoret Hospital
  11. Mombasa Hospital
  12. Meridian Equatorial Hospital – Nairobi West
  13. Nyahururu private hospital
Aga Khan - ParklandsThey offer great service to expectant mothers going to deliver.

I was there as a first time mum and they really took care of me and monitored me well until our son was born. After I was educated on what to do and to expect and made sure I was 100% confident when I was discharged. They helped with taking care of me and with the baby until i was discharged. I had never known there are so many specialists for mum and baby until when i was here. . Staff super friendly. Cleanliness A, Specialists A. Pricey for the common man but totally worth it.

Excellent facilities, doctors and nursing care.

Amazing service, clean rooms, proper diet, great nurses, well explained charges even for CS.I loved my experience there.

They prefer that midwives deliver the babies and they are keen to listen to the parents' birth plan. The hospital is clean, well equipped and a good stay while you recuperate.

They have a great NICU
Nairobi hospitalI am nominating Nairobi hospital because the care they gave my premature son was beyond what I expected. The emotional support they offered too was wonderful and timely. Helped us during that dark time.

The nursing care Post-delivery and the nursery is a life saver. It allows mums to rest especially after a CS Delivery.

The hospital is well equipped for all emergencies.

They have excellent staffs, nurses are very good.

The staff are amazing and always there to help when you in need and the rooms are always clean.
DIWOPA - KayoleI have gone there and recommended people because they give exceptional service from Antenatal clinic to delivery and postnatal clinics.
Coptic Hospital -Ngong Road, NairobiI have delivered there twice in 2016 & 2017 and I found both experience worthwhile. The wards are clean and private. The cost is affordable and the nursing care was exceptional with the midwives and nurses catering to all your needs as a mother in labor and delivery as well as recovery. The support staff (kitchen staff, cleaning staff) were also courteous and attended to any needs I had at the time. Overall, it was a good experience at the hospital despite one of the times I was there was to deliver my angel baby.

They have efficient gynaecologists and are very prompt on emergencies they also have good nursing care. Their neonate unit is fully functional.

It has very clean and well-kept wards. Not congested. Nurses are friendly. Food is ok, could be better. Charges are very very friendly.

Kijabe Hospital - Lari, LimuruI am nominating Kijabe Hospital because they have the best surgeons and nurses, they prayed before starting the surgery and dads are allowed in the theatre on request when wife is delivering!

Maternity ward has highly trained midwives who truly care about their patients. They are able to deal with the highest acuity patients as well as more routine labors. The Nursery is one of the top nurseries in the country with very personalized care.

Professional and pocket friendly. They respect patients and treat them with care. They have all facilities required to take care of mothers and babies efficiently.

They treated my sister in law very humanly and professionally.

They offer excellent services and treatment to the expectant mothers. They give a personal touch to their patients.

I am nominating AIC Kijabe because having over four friends deliver in their hospital and they say it’s one hospital they will recommend to anyone. But the most touching one was when Ann, my friend had a 2 complicated pregnancy. She was worried, when she lost her baby first time thru a miscarriage, a govt hospital she was at, had not given her time to mourn, they had thrown the still baby in the dustbin in her full glare. It still haunted her. On her 2 complicated case, Kijabe were professional, they were kind, they gave her time to mourn her son Gift and the best part, and they had a support group for all the moms who lost their babies. Thank you Kijabe for holding the moms and giving them a platform to be themselves and cry out. Thank you for healing the wounds of our friends and giving them hope. Thank you for saying the words we as friends we could not. I will forever be greatly for you made the journey for my friend Ann more bearable. With you she had another partner, a caring, listening and supportive partner. Asante.

Attentive doctors/health workers who respond quickly to your needs.

They have incubators for premature deliveries and also encourage patients and treat them well when going through the delivery process.

I was a patient the wards r clean, staff members’ r friendly, caring n helpful. Charges are reasonable. They attend to you first then payments unlike other hospitals.

Humane staff, very supportive , clean.

MP-Shah HospitalFriendly environment, good care for the baby and mother. Good services. Clean

The nurses there are amazing. I did a 2nd time CS and on my 2nd night the pain was beyond description. The nurses were very helpful, I dint get side-lined that I had a private doctor, I was well handled and even assisted to go to the washroom, those ladies are precious.

MP Shah are diligent, not quick to push their profits and the care showed by the midwives team during my last delivery was exceptional
Nairobi Women's - Nakuru BranchTheir staff are amazing. Their occasion is awesome. They make you feel at home. Management takes time to go to patients.
St. Teresa's KikuyuI had the best experience. Had lovely caregivers, and the doctors acted so quick given that I was past due date (42weeks) and had had 2 miscarriages before.
Mater Hospital - NairobiGreat maternity services and patient mid wives.

I was a patient there and they did everything they had to do to ensure baby and I were fine, I was rushed for emergency CS after they convinced me it was the only option, and there were around 5 nurses and several doctors in the middle of the night with me, which was amazing. The decision to go for the CS was justified as my baby was whooping big at 4.4kgs.
Jacaranda Maternity Hospital - Kahawa WestI am nominating jacaranda maternity because there staff members are so welcoming and courteous, there wards are very hygienic, the midwives so caring and loving. They treat a patient with so much care. They have a good theatre for CS, a very good gynecologist, nutritionist and pediatrician. I was a patient there and I will always choose them any day any time.
Eldoret Hospital - EldoretThey have the friendliest and efficient staff, the babies are born while your gyna and their assigned pediatrician is there. These nurses spend sleepless nights just to ensure your comfort. Simply the best.

The wards are very big and accommodating. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Everything done there is very professional. They have a pediatrician waiting immediately after you give birth to inspect the baby.
Mombasa Hospital - MombasaBest nurses and ward attendants ever. I had my CS there and a maternity related admission and cannot choose any other facility. The wards are clean and nursery attendants are super.
Meridian Equitorial Hospital - Nairobi WestMy experience from labor to emergency cs was a good one though heartbreaking since i was hoping for a normal delivery.but the preparation and consolation i got from the gynecologist made me feel at ease.
Nyahururu Private HospitalI was a patient at this hospital. The staff were dedicated and very helpful. the rates were also quite affordable