Best family friendly company

  1. Best family friendly restaurant – recognizes companies that provide amenities that make parenting easier and also have favorable policies


  1. Safaricom
  2. Little Rock Inclusive ECD Center
  3. PSK Associates
Safaricom - Nairobi, WestlandsSuper awesome facilities- day care, breastfeeding stations, skilled child care workers
Littlerock inclusive ECD center - Ayany, KiberaI am nominating Little Rock Inclusive Ecd Center because it has the best working system ever. When one of our staff gives birth, we give them maternity leave for 3 months. When they come back, they come with their child and they take them to our daycare. They can monitor their child and when their child is hungry they are able to go and breastfeed them at the daycare, without having the hustle of going home and coming back to work. They come to work at 7.30 a.m and leave by 12.30p.m until the child is 6 months. We have a beautiful daycare which has two teachers and a 'mama' who assists the teacher in changing and feeding the children. Our daycare consists of children from 3months to 2 years. So when one of our staff decides to enroll the child at 3months, they know they are in good hands.
PSK Associates - NairobiHas flexible hours for working moms.