About Still A Mum


Still A Mum is a charity that supports women and families dealing with miscarriages, stillbirth and infant loss. We operate in Africa, with our headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. We work to improve the care bereaved parents receive as well as create public awareness on child loss and how we should respond as a society.

Still A Mum comes from a desire to celebrate women who have lost babies and affirm them that they are still mothers despite their loss. In the African culture, a woman’s worth is usually attached to her ability to be a mother. This means that any woman who cannot get children for one reason or another is regarded as less of a woman. She is judged and often socially segregated. In some societies, women who are unable to bear children are considered bewitched. In some cases, in-laws ultimately look for a child-bearing woman as a replacement for their son.